The 25th International Panel Data Conference will be held
at the Old Campus of Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania:
3 Universiteto St.
LT-01513 Vilnius,

The Old Campus extends over a whole block of the Old Town. Entrance to the Conference site is from the Library Courtyard from the University street (Universiteto g.).


The Conference will take place in Aula Parva (II) and the Theatre Hall (IV), and in adjacent seminar rooms. Keynote Talks will take place in the Theatre Hall.

Theatre Hall
The history of the Theatre Hall dates back to 1715 when Jesuits, the founders of Vilnius University, used it for spectacular theatrical performances that often included light effects, fireworks and illuminations. During its 300 years of history the Hall has been converted to a physics auditorium and experiments halls, gymnasium church and later used for public speeches. After more than three centuries the Theatre Hall is again used for its original purpose.